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Power Connector

Power connectors are devices that allows an electrical current to pass through it for the exclusive purpose of providing power to a device (not a data stream, for example, or anything more complex). Although it can be used with many different types of electronics, customers must find the specific type of connector that best matches their electronics' geometry and electrical needs.

Power connectors can carry either an alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). AC plugs and sockets allow devices to be connected to the primary power supply of a building. These types of plugs and sockets differ in voltage, current rating, size, and design, depending on the national standards of the country you are in. DC connectors have more standard types that are not interchangeable, which prevents users from accidentally attempting to connect an incompatible plug and socket. They can be found on electronic devices, automotive accessories, and battery packs, among a myriad of other products. Although not an objective measurement, a “high power” connector is a connector typically capable of carrying over 30 amperes of current.

Although it comes in all shapes and sizes and with various abilities, options, and accessories, the purpose of a power connector always comes back to one all-important thing: power. These connectors are used primarily for energy transfer and it's a task they perform admirably.

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