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Guide to The Motor of The Electric Bicycles

Jun. 27, 22

Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular. There are many brands that produce different types of electric bicycles at different prices. As you will read in this electric bicycle motor guide, there are many factors to consider before buying a new electric bike. One of the things to consider before you buy an electric bike for the first time is the motor that drives the bike as fast as possible. Similar to cars, electric bicycle motors can be installed in the front, middle or rear of the bike. It is always good to know the type of motor you use on your electric bike in order to understand the type of motor you think is most suitable for you. The most common motors on electric bicycles are gear hub, direct drive motor and intermediate drive motor. We have compiled this useful electric bicycle motor guide to show the differences between models to make your e-bike purchase experience more interesting. In order to understand the motors of these electric bicycles, we need to start with the history of electric bicycles and all the functions of the motor.

Guide to The Motor of The Electric Bicycles

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The History of E-Bike Motor

With the era in which we live, technology has occupied our whole life. Considering the existence of bicycles, it is only a matter of time before humans make electric motors for bicycles. The first known bicycle to push forward without pedals was known for its lever bicycle system, which later inspired the idea of inventing the first electric bike. It is said that in 1895, the first electric bicycle was equipped with a rear hub motor. From the beginning of the first electric bicycle, there was the idea of using a mid-drive motor. With this design, the motor battery is placed in the middle of the bike and powered by the motor installed in the middle.

How does the motor work

The working principle of the electric bicycle motor is to convert the electrical energy in the battery into mechanical energy. Modern electric bicycles use brushless motors. This means that the motor does not need a brush to make the motor flow. Motors do this by using magnets and electromagnets to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. If you turn on the motor, you will see something that looks like a bunch of wires and magnets.

Guide to The Motor of The Electric Bicycles

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Type of motors

The reason we created this electric bicycle motor guide is that there is more than one type of electric bicycle motor. We have intermediate drive motor, direct drive hub motor and gear hub motor. The intermediate drive motor is located next to the crank of the electric bicycle. As usual, having a mid-drive motor has both advantages and disadvantages.

Have the advantages of a mid-drive motor: low-end torque, highest peak performance, gear ratio, easier mountain climbing for longer, smaller than hub motor, bicycle working around the rider, optimal weight distribution.

Disadvantages of using intermediate drive motors: more expensive maintenance is usually required and there is a lot of pressure on the chain.

Direct drive motor

The advantages of a direct drive motor: few components make it very durable and more efficient on long-distance travel.

Disadvantages of using direct drive motor: low-end torque is small, removal of rear wheels may be difficult, heavier, and trampling efficiency is reduced.

Gear hub motor

Have the advantages of gear hub motors: generally more durable, low-end torque, usually more affordable, less maintenance, lighter and smaller, faster riding speed.

The disadvantage of using a gear hub motor: because the cable of the hub motor must be connected to the rest of the electric bicycle system, the motor cable must be unplugged to remove the rear wheel and then plug the parts back in.

Guide to The Motor of The Electric Bicycles

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