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Main cable for electric bike electric scooter waterproof cable

This strong and durable Signal Cable For Electric Bike allows you to connect your motor controller to your e-bike's 500-watt battery with ease. 

We know that having access to the wiring accessories you need for your e-bike is crucial. That's why we have different cables in stock!

Product parameter

Name1st G Main cable1st Gen Main cable
Inlet/Outlet8~11 cores
Rated voltage48V AC/DC
Rated current2A
Withstand voltage500V
Insulation resistance≥20MΩ
Contact resistance≤10mΩ
Mechanical life200 times
Insertion force≤80N
Pull out force≥30N
Working temperature-25℃~+85℃
Protection gradeIP66
Contact element materialgold-plating Copper alloy
Wire specification0.20mm²


Most common signal connector, signal cable for Electric bike.

Lenght: can be any length needed.

Current: 2A 

Life: 200 times

UL Recognized

RoHS Compliant

48 V

8 to 11 Pins


Ebike throttle, Led dispaly, braker.

Electric scooter  throttle, Led dispaly, braker.

signal cable,single connector for electric tools.

At GRAND, we provide our customers with quality connectors and cables that offer compact design and stable performance. Our e-bike battery cable for e-bikes with 500 series components is waterproof, offering excellent quality and a long service life.

We also have a range of other cables and wiring parts that help you customize your e-bike conversion as you wish. Need to parallel a pair of batteries to increase range? Want to cover your connectors? Welcome to contact us for more informations!

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