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Can I Ride An Electric Bike Without A Motor Battery

Mar. 15, 22

Electric bikes are soaring in popularity due to the high price of gasoline and the sheer joy of owning one to provide you with something extra when you're out riding. If you haven't purchased an electric bike yet, you've probably been asking all the most frequently asked questions when venturing into new territory. One question that is sure to come up is, can you use an electric bike without a battery?

The simple answer is yes. When not using a motor, an e-bike operates the same way as a standard bike, either by choice or because the battery is dead. We've reviewed many e-bikes and we can tell you that riding without power can affect your ride.

Why ride a bike without motor?

GRANT is a professional manufacturer of e-bike motor cables and power cords, if your e-bike power is broken and you are looking for a new waterproof connector, feel free to visit our website to check it out. Here are some reasons why a rider might choose not to use battery power and ditch the power cable.

Can I Ride An Electric Bike Without A Motor Battery

Air travel - If you've traveled by air in the past few years, you know that airlines are not battery friendly. They are concerned that they may explode in the non-pressurized cargo area of the aircraft. Some may let you take your batteries on board, or you can rent them from a local store at your destination.

Gondolas - If you like adventurous mountain e-bikes, maybe your destination has gondolas that can take you to better places in the mountains. Lift chairs have weight limits and your battery may be the tipping point.

Batteries are neglected - This is probably one of the biggest reasons riders don't have batteries. Either you left the house without a proper charge or you thought you threw the bike in the car after putting it on the rack.

Fitness - Believe it or not, a segment of the cycling community loves a challenge. Some riders may use their pedal assist in one way or another and get it all done on the way home.

Is it bad to ride an e-bike without a battery?

Regardless of the fact that you are riding without battery power, you can be sure that doing so will not affect the motor or the bike. There is no additional stress on any part of the bike riding in this manner. The only stress may be on your muscles.

Can I Ride An Electric Bike Without A Motor Battery

Power cable for electric bike scooter

Riding can be more strenuous. Since most e-bikes weigh two to three times as much as a standard mountain or road bike, riding without an assistive device will be immediately noticeable. There's no way around this, but in a pinch you can certainly get where you're going, but you may be a little tired when you get there.

Battery- The weight of an e-bike battery can range from 7 to 12 lbs. This may not sound like a lot, but if you are pedaling home without help, the weight will be very noticeable. The average weight of a motor is about 10 pounds. A hub motor will weigh more than a crank or direct drive system. When buying a new e-bike or adding to your current e-bike, remember that each piece adds up. Your fitness level will also be a factor in how far or fast you can ride your e-bike without a battery.

If removing the battery, be sure to keep that space clean. You don't want to deal with debris on the contacts when you insert the battery later. Keep the battery in the charger or on the car so that when you are ready to ride with assistance again, so is your battery. And send us a message today to get the quote.



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