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The Role of Waterproof Cables and Cable Sealing Jackets

Apr. 13, 22

Waterproof cables are typically constructed with multiple conductors and are designed for wet or aquatic applications. This is an area that is difficult to perform consistently because each aquatic environment has its own obstacles. Choosing the correct type of waterproof or watertight cable can be very challenging for different types of water, different temperatures and different water levels.


Waterproof cables must be able to be used in environments such as fresh water, salt water and even chlorinated pools. These cables can be designed to survive in a completely submerged environment and can be customized to operate at varying depths. These different applications make the type of construction an important factor in the design phase.


Water and electrical equipment do not mix well together, so in order to protect cables and equipment from water damage, they need to be waterproof in the first place.  

The Role of Waterproof Cables and Cable Sealing Jackets

Environmentally sealed connectors are the ideal interconnection solution for heavy-duty and harsh environment applications. Cable and connector manufacturers offer a wide range of standard sealed and custom sealed interconnects for devices and systems that require rugged sealed plugs, receptacles and power connectors, including IP67 or IP68 ratings.


Cable sealing sleeves are a critical tool when terminating cables in harsh or hazardous environments. It serves to securely route the tubing, wire or cable through the enclosure. They provide strain relief and also include flames or electrical components that may occur in a hazardous environment.


What's more: they also act as a seal, preventing any damage to the electrical system and cable from external impurities. Ultimately, they stop the cable from being pulled or twisted out of the machine. This is because they help provide a secure and stable connection between the machine and the cable it is connected to.


Cable Sealing Sleeves

Cable glands are known as "mechanical cable entry devices" and are used in conjunction with wiring and cables in.

Automation systems (e.g. data, telecommunications, power, lighting), electrical, instrumentation and control. The main function of a cable gland is to serve as a sealing and terminating tool.


The Role of Waterproof Cables and Cable Sealing Jackets

It ensures the protection of enclosures and electrical equipment, including the delivery of.


Additional environmental sealing

at the cable entry point, maintaining the protection level of the enclosure and using a variety of appropriate accessories dedicated to this purpose


Additional sealing

In the area where the cable reaches the enclosure, if a high level of entry protection is required



Retention force

Adequate level of mechanical cable "pull-out" resistance is ensured on the cable


Environmental protection

Removal of moisture and dust from the instrument or electrical enclosure by sealing on the external cable sheath. They must also maintain the level of protection of the equipment to which they are connected.


For your use

The cable seal sleeve presses the seal into the round cable. It stops the entry of particles or water that could cause permanent damage to electronic equipment.



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