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Choosing the Right Type of E-bike Connectors and Cables

Feb. 14, 22

Choosing the right connector type is a critical decision, especially if you're not familiar with ebikes. Basically, all ebike components run around the controller, which means that the component connector type depends on the type of motor connector your controller has or is compatible with. 

Components such as the ebike's throttle, motor, display, brake lever, and pedal assist system (PAS) all come with some type of connector. Regular non-waterproof connectors connect directly to the ebike controller, while waterproof conversion kits or e-bikes require a 1T4 main harness cable, which simultaneously makes the process easier and more user-friendly. 

Choosing the Right Type of E-bike Connectors and Cables

Motor to Main Power Cable 9 Pin main cable for electric bike

There are two most common types of ebike connectors on the market.

-The non-waterproof JST-SM connector.

As mentioned above, this connector type is not waterproof. The connectors have 2 to 8 pins, depending on the component. However, this does not mean that all JST-SM connectors are standardized and always compatible with each other. For example, some controllers may have a 4 or 6-pin display connector, while most controllers on the market have a 5-pin LED/LCD display connector. So this important detail is another point you should be aware of when choosing a display or controller for your e-bike. 

Choosing the Right Type of E-bike Connectors and Cables

Waterproof Julet Type / HiGo Connectors.

These connectors consist of 2 main cables. 

1. 9-pin motor connector that connects the motor to the controller.

2. 8-pin 1T4 (meaning the cable is split into 4 connectors) main harness cable for connecting components (brake lever, throttle and display). 

Controllers with Julet type connectors typically have 5 connectors.

1. Power/battery connector (red and black).

2. 9-pin motor connector.

3. 8-pin 1T4 main harness/signal connector.

4. Pedal Assist (PAS) connector (orange).

5. Headlight connector (red).


There are many other connector types from different manufacturers, but we believe the above connector types will give you a general idea of e-bike connectors and help you choose the right connector for your e-bike. GRAND is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of motor extension cable and waterproof connector. With the advantages of low price, fast delivery time, and can be customized according to customer requirements, our products are used in professional fields such as new energy vehicles, solar energy, aviation, aerospace, medical care, nuclear technology, and military applications. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. Excellent product quality and worth the price of the reference. We Looking forward to receive your inquiry.

Choosing the Right Type of E-bike Connectors and Cables



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