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Working Principle of Waterproof Connector for Electric Vehicles

Apr. 26, 22

The working principle of waterproof connectors for electric bikes With the rapid development of the automotive market, customers' requirements for new energy vehicles have gradually increased. The working place of automotive adapters is relatively extreme. If the connector is not well sealed, it will directly affect the stability as well as reliability of work. In this article we will introduce the working principle of the waterproof connector for electric vehicles, hope these can help you.

The power connector, equivalent to a bridge, makes possible the normal flow of current. The function of link and transmission can be achieved by the joint collaboration and docking of plug sheath and socket sheath.

In order to meet the requirements of the automotive workplace, plug sheaths and socket sheaths should not only take into account the convenience of docking the terminals within the sheaths, but also take into account the shock-resistant function during use. 

Working Principle of Waterproof Connector for Electric Vehicles

Waterproof sealing principle

The retaining ring is the basic element. The gap between the seal ring and the jacket is reasonably designed to achieve a waterproof seal. The deformation of the sealing ring fills the space between the jacket and protects the outdoor air as well as the entry of water.

This requires the seal to be resistant and rigid, and takes into account handling costs and manufacturability. Typically, seals on automotive adapters are usually composed of silicone or EPDM rubber.

Working Principle of Waterproof Connector for Electric Vehicles

9 pin connector for bafang mid motor Waterproof Extension Cable

Elements that influence the outcome

Compression rate is the most fundamental factor affecting the safety performance of a connector. If the compression rate becomes small, the seal will certainly not self-lock and will also trigger seal failure. If the compression ratio is too large, assembly will be difficult and may lead to deformation of the seal, minimizing the fixing performance and life of the seal.

Therefore, the best compression ratio should be selected to ensure the most effective waterproofing of the port.

The safety efficiency of automotive connectors is inseparable from the proper use of the car. Ensuring the safety performance of the port is an important part of the process that needs to be performed. With decades of experience in this market, GRANT has become a specialized producer of waterproof cable suppliers. Our products are manufactured using the TS16949 procedure, in strict compliance with the original manufacturer's standards.

If you have any questions about the connectors, please feel free to contact GRANT. Leave your email and we will be sure to contact you immediately.



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